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The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has aroused widespread concern in China and even around the world. Recently, domestic governments at all levels have lowered the level of epidemic prevention, it seems that the inflection point of the epidemic is coming, and the sudden outbreak of large-scale epidemics abroad has undoubtedly cast a shadow over this inflection point. We cannot judge and predict when the epidemic will really clear zero, and the impact of the epidemic on the overall economy is clear.




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The epidemic has directly stimulated a large demand for disinfection and protection, such as hand sanitizer and alcohol label products, and many label printing companies have not stopped work during the Spring Festival, making every effort to prevent epidemic material label orders, and obtaining corresponding temporary loans, tax cuts and other preferential policies from the government.
In mid-to-late February, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology listed labels as epidemic prevention materials, and as enterprises gradually resume work, the demand for disinfection and protective label products has further increased, and this demand will be infinitely amplified in the uncertain situation of the epidemic. As a supporting product, labels also play a very important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.



(Protective label)



(Disinfection label)


In the production process of disinfection and protective labels, ordinary pearlescent film is generally used, and we recommend a cost-effective product today - pearl film.
Compared with pearlescent film, the brightness of pearl film is 89 degrees, the brightness is higher, and it is characterized by low density, light specific gravity, good stiffness and high-speed standardization. The surface smoothness and printing effect are incomparable with paper, but its cost is similar to paper, if the paper surface film is more costly and not environmentally friendly, it can completely replace light powder paper and copper sheet paper on the product label. Pearl film is also waterproof, which is used in frozen food, but not paper.


New Tumei pearl film


Pearl film is also called high-brightness pearlescent film, below, we analyze the advantages of high-brightness pearlescent film for you:

First, ordinary pearlescent film and high-brightness pearlescent film due to different production processes, resulting in different performance of the two films:

1. Because of its high brightness, high-gloss pearlescent film has a better printing effect than ordinary pearlescent film;

2. The strength of high-brightness pearlescent film is higher than that of ordinary pearlescent film, which can meet the production requirements of high-speed printing;

3. Compared with ordinary pearlescent film, the stiffness of high-brightness pearlescent film is higher;

4. The high-brightness pearlescent film has a lower heat shrinkage rate and better heat resistance than ordinary pearlescent film, so it has better dimensional stability.

Second, the high-gloss pearlescent film and paper are different due to the material, so the high-gloss pearlescent film has the advantages that paper cannot match:

1. High-brightness pearlescent film has good waterproof performance, and has the characteristics of oil resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance;

2. The specific gravity of high-brightness pearlescent film is adjustable, generally not exceeding 0.75, while the specific gravity of paper is generally more than 1, so the use of high-brightness pearlescent film helps to reduce costs;

3. Compared with paper, high-gloss pearlescent film has higher tensile strength and tear strength, greater bursting resistance and folding resistance, so it has incomparable impact resistance of paper;

4. The high-gloss pearlescent film has higher surface strength than paper, and will not cause surface hair pulling and depowdering due to the adhesion and pulling effect of ink, which will affect the printing quality;












新图美始建于1994年,经历23年的磨练和不断进取奋斗,在高分子制胶、涂布贴合、涂层处理等工艺领域,积累了丰富的技术经验,解决了压敏胶标签的胶粘性能和印刷性能。 公司成立以来一直专注于研究、生产新图美品牌压敏胶标签原料系列。我们响应绿色环保制造,研发适合全天候的水性压敏胶产品,现形成两大系列:纸类和膜类共一百多个品种,年产1.5亿m2。新图美的水性胶属于超高分子量,具有良好的透明性、耐候性和环保性,再配合先进的涂布贴合技术,制造出的压敏胶标签原料获得行业的赞赏:新图美新品位,高质量。 我们的产品广泛应用于日用化工、家居护理、药品医疗、办公超市、航空物流、冷冻标、电子、电器、食品、饮料、五金、玩具等行业。在市场和客户服务方面,我们倡导绿色标签,应用环保,纸、膜分开应用,尽量减少污染,循环利用;新图美秉乘以质量、以诚信为您服务的宗旨,让您获得至高无尚的性价比优势。


采购→压敏胶制造→涂层制造→涂塑→涂离型→涂布贴合→涂层涂布→复卷、分条→切张 →销售+研发。 




新图美时刻洞察市场走势,应市场变化研发出新产品。随着数码印刷的到来,为了保持竞争优势,新图美研发环保水性印刷涂层,推出数码印刷产品,走在行业的地位。新图美数码涂层产品:Q 系列、R 系列、e 系列、RC 系列,分别适用于 UV、激光、热转印、电子墨、水性喷墨等数码印刷的着墨性。涂层印刷耗材都极具优势,满足您的需求。





PP label material




Clear PP, bright white PP, matte PP, metal film PP


Features: light specific gravity, general environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, similar to paper, resistant to slight extrusion.


In order to improve the printing performance, the surface has a printing coating treatment to ensure the ink inking, color reproduction, color vividness and firmness, you can choose BOPP protective film, UV varnish treatment, stronger three-dimensional sense and lower cost.


Suitable for UV printing, cold stamping, electronic ink digital printing and ribbon barcode printing. Used in food, beverages, mineral water, health care products and non-high temperature electronic components, electrical products and other label printing. It is especially suitable for replacing paper to achieve more inferior and higher levels of color vibrancy and shelf effect.


 PE label material




Clear PE, Glossy PE, Fog PE, Matte PE


Features: soft fit, crush resistance and moisture resistance.


In order to improve the printing performance, the surface is treated with printing coating to increase the color vividness and firmness, and the BOPP protective film can be applied without BOPP protective film, and the UV varnish treatment is applied for better three-dimensional sense and lower cost.


Suitable for UV ink printing, cold stamping, electronic ink digital printing. It is used in label printing of daily chemical products, personal care products and flexible packaging products. Such as shampoo, laundry detergent, shower gel, mouthwash, skin cream, clothing label and other labels.


 Digital coatings





Eco-friendly water-based coated digital printing products


Features: The suitable coating can be selected according to the nature of the ink used in the digital printing machine.


UV inks are selected from the "Q" coating series.

HP indigo e-ink printing uses the "e" coating series.

Waterborne inkjet is available in the "RC" and "CP" coating series.


Speaking of which, are you excited? If you want to know more about this product, you can visit the official website of New Tumei: consultation. If you also have products to promote, you can contact us according to the contact information below, we will provide you with customized promotion services.


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