The knowledge of garbage classification is popularized

Garbage classification generally refers to the general term for a series of activities that classify and store, classify and transport garbage according to certain regulations or standards, so as to transform it into public resources. The purpose of sorting is to increase the resource value and economic value of garbage, and strive to make the best use of it.

Garbage belongs to the private property of the public in the stage of classified storage, and garbage becomes a regional quasi-public resource in the community or community where the public is located after being sorted and put into the public, and garbage becomes a public resource without exclusion after being sorted and transported to a garbage concentration point or transfer station. From the perspective of the methods of domestic waste classification in various cities at home and abroad, it is roughly classified according to the composition and amount of garbage, combined with the resource utilization and treatment methods of local garbage. Classified garbage collection can reduce the amount of garbage disposal and treatment equipment, reduce treatment costs, reduce the consumption of land resources, and have social, economic, ecological and other benefits.

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