Kaiping Xintumei Label Material Co., Ltd. rectification plan

Kaiping Xintumei Label Material Co., Ltd. rectification plan


The following is the rectification plan made by our company on the Jiangkaihuan Stop [2022] No. 1 Production Suspension and Rectification Decision, which is mainly aimed at personnel management and equipment rectification and maintenance. The specific work is as follows:

1. Collect the smell of raw materials: In view of the problem of raw material odor leakage, our company has re-invested a batch of pumping pipes and pump bodies, connecting from the tank farm to the workshop to collect all odors and then process them through the equipment in the workshop.

2. Strengthen personnel management: the side door of the workshop has been opened for many times due to personnel negligence resulting in odor leakage, our company will strengthen personnel management, and will also install thick curtains at the door to ensure that the smell does not leak. At the same time, CCTV has been installed in the workshop, and it will regularly check whether employees have disciplined to carry out the above work, and plan a clear deduction system, and if there is any negligent behavior, a performance deduction will be carried out.
3. Rectification of environmental protection treatment equipment: Our company and the third party analyzed that because the equipment was not regularly cleaned and maintained, the filtration and treatment effect was not good, and the aging parts (pumps, fans, air ducts) were not replaced in time and the correct maintenance warranty was carried out. When the equipment is operating, a large amount of water is also blown into the adsorption box with the exhaust, resulting in some activated carbon has become moldy; Affect its adsorption effect. In order to ensure the effective operation of the equipment, the equipment personnel will clean the equipment (including cleaning the microbial tower, spray tower, adsorption treatment tank) to optimize filtration. At the same time, it will also strengthen the transformation of equipment hardware and structure. In order to improve the adsorption effect of the adsorption box, the pore size will be selected with the design of the activated carbon box and the displacement, and the activated carbon with high iodine content will be selected.

4. Hire professionals to operate and operate the processing equipment, our company has hired equipment personnel to stay in the factory for a long time to ensure that the equipment is in effective and safe operation.
The above plan is the content of our company's rectification of the factory, mainly for odor collection, equipment maintenance and personnel training, so as to ensure that emission standards are not violated. The rectification works are underway and are expected to be completed in early November and the results of the qualified test are submitted.

Kaiping Xintumei Label Material Co., Ltd

November 2022, 11


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