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2020-06-08 14:08

The COVID-19 has raised concern in China and even the world. Recently, domestic governments of different cities have lowered the level of epidemic prevention. It seems that the turning point of the epidemic is about to come, and the sudden outbreak of large-scale infection abroad has undoubtedly increased the uncertainty. We cannot judge, nor predict when the epidemic will be truly cleared. The impact of the epidemic on the overall economy is the only obviously.

The COVID-19 has increased the demand for disinfection and protection products such as hand sanitizers and alcohol labeling products. Many label printing companies did not stop working during the Spring Festival, and they put lots of efforts on the labels orders which is related to the materials for preventing epidemic. Fortunately they obtained corresponding temporary loans from the government, preferential policies such as tax reduction.In  February. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology listed the label in the list of anti-epidemic materials, and as companies gradually resumed work, the demand for sterilized and protective label products further increased. Based on the current situation of the epidemics, this demand will be infinitely enlarged. As ancillary products, labels also play a very important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Protection labels

Labels for disinfection products

During the production of labels for disinfection and protection products, ordinary PP film is generally used, and today we recommend a more cost-effective product, pearl film. Compared with the ordinary PP film, the brightness of the pearl film is 89 degrees, which is a lot high higher than typical one. It has low density, good stiffness that supports high-speed labeling. The smoothness of surface and printability is far better than paper, but its cost is similar. Sometimes may apply lamination on paper, such as vanish oil or OPP tape, but it is more costly and not environmentally friendly, Pearl film can completely replace glossy paper and semi-gloss paper on the product label. And also, it can also be waterproof, used for frozen food.



Soontomax Pearl film

Pearl film also named as high bright PP film, here are the advantages:

1.The production between Pearl film and ordinary white PP film are different, resulting in difference in performance.

->  Pearl film has higher brightness, so it has better printing effect ;

->  The density of Pearl film is higher than that of ordinary PP film, which can fulfill the requirements of high-speed printing and labeling;

->  Pearl film has higher stiffness;

->  Lower shrinkage rate under high temperature and better heat resistance , so it has higher stability.

2. Due to the difference between Pearl film and paper, the former one has the advantages that the latter cannot match:

-> Pearl film has great waterproof ability, and resistance to oil , chemical, acid and alkali;

->The specific gravity of the Pearl film is adjustable, generally not exceeding 0.75, and that of the paper is generally more than 1, so using Pearl film helps to reduce costs;

-> Compared with paper, Pearl film has higher tensile strength and tearing strength, greater bursting resistance and folding resistance, these are the resistances that paper can not fulfill;

-> The Pearl film has a higher surface energy than paper, and better in anchorage , which can ensure the printing quality;

-> Because of the smooth surface of Pearl film, the thickness is more stable, so when printing, the color is more consistent and more delicate;

-> Paper is easy to turn yellow due to oxidization while Pearl film is more stable.

-> The Pearl film is formed at one time during production, the less production process involved, the lower risk of causing problem.

-> Pearl film is not easy to be damp and easy to store;

-> The paper will produce a lot of paper scraps during the cutting process, which will pollute the production environment, and it takes time and effort to clean up as well, but the Pearl film does not produce debris, which can greatly save time and labor costs;

-> The main raw material of Pearl film is PP, the main raw material of paper is plant fiber, the former one is easy to be recycled together with the packaging bottle, but the paper label cannot be recycled with the plastic bottle, so using Pearl film is more environmentally friendly. 




Soontomax, a Chinese label manufacturer with 25 years experience. Owns the core technology and high-end facilities; has a complete production process flow. In 2019, Soontomax introduced new coating lines (print coating coater, hot melt adhesive coating and silicone coater), to further strengthen the state in label industry. Furthermore, the pearl film introduced can be treated with own invented print coating . It brings incompetable advantages in terms of cost and performance. 


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