Taishan's technological and financial innovation develops "acceleration" 

2020-06-08 14:03
In recent years, our city has been actively promoting the development of science technology and finance, such as launching tailored credit services for technology-based enterprises, helping enterprises solve  problems, in order to provide a reliable and security business environment for technology-based enterprises in our city.
Soontomax(Taishan) Label Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that develops and produces self-adhesive label materials for printing industry, it owns market in both domestic and overseas. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 affected their business. The newly established Taishan Rural Commercial Bank Shuibu Technology Branch provided credit services after learning the needs of the enterprise,and implement preferential loan interest rates to support the resumption of enterprise. 
Chen, Finance Director of Soontomax : Taishan Rural Commercial Bank Shuibu Technology Sub-branch will inform us all relevant corporate subsidies as soon as possible and guide us well,we are greatly supported in all aspects.
Xu , President of Shuibu Technology Sub-branch of Taishan Rural Commercial Bank: We launched product"warm enterprise loans" to more than 40 companies in the industry zone, implemented one-to-one and door-to-door services, formulated tailored credit policies and products, established better way for approval,in order to support enterprises grow big.
It is understood that in recent years,the Municipal Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce has promoted strategies for innovative development, strengthened technological financial services,and fully supported the rapid development of technological enterprises in our city.On the one hand, guided enterprises to strengthen technological reform; on the other hand, increased credit support.Recently,there are three science and technology branches in Taishan, Rural Commercial Bank Shuibu Technology Sub-branch, CCB Taishan Science and Technology Sub-branch, Agricultural Bank of China Taishan Shuibu Technology Sub-branch.In serving innovative and technological enterprises, each technology sub-branch launched active marketing strategy,such as "one household,one policy" approach, formulates tailored financial products according to the needs of the enterprise, such as credit policies for technology enterprises in the city, develops financial products accordingly, and establishes easier approval procedure,in order to promote the growth of scientific and technological enterprises in Taishan City. According to statistics, in 2019, CCB Taishan Technology Sub-branch and Agricultural Bank Taishan Shuibu Technology Sub-branch allowed two technology sub-branch's technology provide loan credit for enterprises reached 724 million yuan, assisted 31 companies with loans of 350 million yuan, and assisted 10 companies got the approval of applying technology finance loan.
The Municipal Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce, proactively understands the needs of science and technology enterprises in our city, efficiently solves their problems , and coordinates with banks and other financial institutions. Building a government-banking and enterprise cooperation platform, and actively promotes credit services such as "technology war epidemic loans" Solve financing problems for technology companies in a timely manner. In the first four months of this year, the city’s three technology sub-branches provided technology loan credits of 417 million yuan for technology-based enterprises, assisted 38 enterprises in the city with loans of 176 million yuan, and strongly supported the city’s technology enterprises to resume production and promote the city’s steady economic growth.

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