Analysis on the Current Situation of Transparent PP Favored by the Market

2019-09-27 17:14

Transparent PP is a kind of PP which has developed very fast in recent years. In 2013, domestic consumption reached 700,000 tons, accounting for about 4% of total PP. With the rapid development of PP industry, the total apparent consumption of PP in China has reached 21 million tons in 2016, and the consumption of transparent PP has also increased to 1.2 million tons, becoming one of the fastest growing products in PP products. In the United States, almost all ordinary PP manufacturers are producing transparent PP resin, and the development speed of transparent PP products is 7% - 9% higher than that of ordinary PP products. In Japan, the annual output of transparent PP is over 1,000 kt, accounting for 9% of the total consumption of PP products, and the market consumption continues to grow.


Why is transparent PP so popular in the market?

Polypropylene (PP) has the advantages of good mechanical properties, non-toxicity, low relative density, heat resistance, chemical resistance, easy processing and moulding, and high performance-price ratio. It has become the fastest growing and most active new product development among the five general synthetic resins.


However, because PP is a part of crystalline resin, under normal processing conditions, the crystallization rate is relatively slow, and it is easy to form larger spherulites. The crystallinity of PP makes the gloss and transparency of the products worse, and the appearance lacks aesthetic feeling, which limits its application. For this reason, in the past two decades, many western countries have successively carried out research and development of high transparent polypropylene materials, and have achieved commercialization.


After PP transparent modification, the spherulite structure is homogeneous, the transparency and gloss are significantly improved, not only inheriting the advantages of ordinary PP, but also improving its crystallization temperature, softening point, rigidity and other mechanical properties, and even comparable with other transparent resins such as PS, PET, PVC and PC. The ratio of performance to price is better than that of PET, PVC, PS and PC. Since its appearance in the early 1980s, it has developed rapidly in the world and has been widely used in transparent packaging, medical appliances, daily necessities and many other fields.


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