About 65% of China's paper materials are imported from waste paper.

2019-09-27 17:08

As the largest paper consumer and producer country in the world, China's waste paper recycling is facing the challenge of imbalance in import and export. Cao Zhenlei, executive director of the China paper society, said that about 65% of China's paper materials come from waste paper and more than half of its waste paper is imported. Waste paper is used as raw material for papermaking both at home and abroad. In 2015, for example, the amount of waste paper used in China was about about 50000000 tons and about 28 million tons of waste paper was imported.






"At present, the production and consumption of China's paper industry are about 1 billion tons, which are the world's first." Cao Zhenlei, executive director of the China paper society, said that the export of paper was often carried out by other products, such as cartons, shirts and shoes, making recycling more difficult.


Domestic waste paper is commonly used in the production of wrapping paper, and China produces an average of 60 million tons of wrapping paper per year. "Thirty million tons are exported with consumer goods, and up to 30 million tons are recovered domestically." Cao Zhenlei said.


"The balance between China's imports and exports makes it difficult for China to recycle waste paper, and recycling overseas waste paper is faced with different situations in various countries." Zhao Wei, director general of China Paper Association, said that China's forestry resources and industrial structure and other practical problems made it difficult for China to recover its waste paper materials to meet the current demand.


Cao Zhenlei believes that domestic paper demand growth still has great potential. "China's paper consumption per capita is 75 kilograms, and the developed countries reach 200 kilograms, the gap is very large." Cao Zhenlei said that according to the development trend, there is still a great demand for paper consumption in theory. The paper says that the role of some paper is still hard to replace, for example, the use of photocopying paper in office.


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