The international urea market is stronger with small particles than with large particles.

2019-09-27 17:06

Overall, the international urea market is still strong, and most of the markets are stable or slightly upward. With the market trend of small granular urea slightly stronger than that of large granular urea, the two began to show signs of separation.


The tender of urea announced by MMTC will be closed this week and require shipment in November 10th. As the new tender for more than 1 million tons is coming soon, the purchase is slightly heavier.


On September 09-12, China's small particle urea prices rose slightly and will dominate supply. After the announcement of the tendering, Chinese suppliers increased their quotations to FOB290 US dollars / ton. It is reported that no deal has been reached at present.


Due to tight supply, the price of small granular urea in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea has gradually risen to US$FOB 340 per ton.


It is understood that Helwan closed its bid in the large granular urea market and sold 7000 tons of large granules at a price of US$FOB 390 per ton. This order is the first large spot transaction in Egypt since August 21. It is up by US$12 per ton compared with the previous one, indicating that the production of large granular urea dominated by natural gas is shrinking and that there is a shortage of large granular urea available for September shipment.


In the Middle East, it is reported that in September, the volume of large particle spot cargo was US$FOB 370 per ton, which is about US$5 per ton higher than the recent spot sales.


Due to the further weakening of demand, the price of large granular urea has dropped, and the market atmosphere is not good enough.


U.S. barge prices fell slightly between September 09 and 12. In the market, there is no acceptance of the high price of US $CFR395-400 / ton, and the French market has not accepted the quotations of small particle urea of 325 euro FCA, and the current price is lower than the price of substitute products. Demand in eastern Europe has begun to kick-start.


Large international conferences in San Francisco have led to a shortage of urea market. Canada and Hong Kong demand is significant, coupled with the upcoming tendering and return of participants, and so on.


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