The State Council has promulgated six new policies to support "Xiaowei" and promote innovation among all people

2019-09-27 17:00

Beijing, September, Beijing, September 18 (reporter Chen Kangliang) Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting in September 17th to further support the development of small and micro enterprises and promote public entrepreneurship and innovation. The meeting pointed out that small and micro enterprises are the main force for development, the main channel for employment and an important source of innovation. After the reform of decentralization and decentralization, especially the implementation of the commercial system, the number of new enterprises has increased significantly. We should increase support for small and micro enterprises, individual businesses, especially those who are "born and fallen" in the reform, so that they can fight and grow in fair competition. They can form an exemplary effect, promote public entrepreneurship and innovate millions of people, and can also increase social vitality and develop endogenous driving force, so as to promote stable economic growth and improve people's livelihood.


Small and micro enterprises boost Chinese innovation

The so-called small and micro enterprises, according to the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "small and small profits tax preferential policies" notice, including: industrial enterprises, the annual taxable income does not exceed 300 thousand yuan (RMB, the same below), the number of employees is not more than 100 people, the total assets of not more than 30 million yuan; other enterprises, the annual taxable place. The total amount is not more than 300,000 yuan, the number of employees is not more than 80 people, and the total assets are not more than 10 million yuan.


Bai Jingming, deputy director of the Fiscal Science Research Institute of China's Ministry of finance, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that the official support policy is necessary, especially considering that China's small and micro enterprises are in the crucial stage of transformation. Domestic small and micro enterprises are no longer synonymous with backward and small service industries. The proportion of new industries such as high added value and high technology content has become bigger and bigger. "If we increase support in time, small and micro enterprises are expected to become a powerful power for Chinese innovation." Tong Tong Hao, director of the comprehensive office of China SME development and promotion center, has the same opinion. According to statistics, about 2/3 of new inventions and new creations were made by small and medium-sized enterprises. The high-tech companies such as Microsoft, apple, Alibaba, Baidu and so on were first incubated by small businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the advantage of "turning around small boats" and unprecedented innovative spirit and strength, but there are also bottlenecks such as lack of money, lack of people, lack of market and so on, which need support.


It is worth noticing that in the forum held recently, he put forward his own "innovation view" for the first time. He stressed the need to proceed from China's national conditions and strive to become a great power of innovation. He also committed to deregulation of enterprise innovation. Some analysts pointed out that the small and micro help policy is a new strategy for the innovation strategy.


"Secondly, from the employment level, the proportion of small and micro enterprises plus individual businesses is about 30%-40% in urban employment, which is a great tool to solve the employment problem." Bai Jingming pointed out.


In this regard, Li Huiyong, chief macroeconomic analyst at Shenyang Wanguo, also holds the same view. But Li Huiyong reminded China News Agency reporter that the current Chinese economy is facing downward pressure as a whole. Small and micro enterprises are naturally resistant to pressure and must be protected. "For example, the tax burden of small and micro enterprises is strong." In April this year, China Everbright Bank jointly issued the SME tax development report, which shows that 12.93% of enterprises believe that "heavier tax burden" is the most difficult problem except the "rising labor costs" and "rising cost of raw materials". On the income tax rate, the tax burden of small and micro enterprises is obviously higher than that of large and medium-sized enterprises, and the gap is even nearly doubled. As far as value-added tax is concerned, the tax burden ratio of small and micro enterprises and large and medium-sized enterprises is roughly the same. However, on the income tax rate, the tax burden of small and micro enterprises is obviously higher than that of large and medium-sized enterprises, and the gap is even nearly doubled.


Li Huiyong further pointed out that, from a comprehensive perspective, China's economic growth has shifted significantly, and it is impossible to sustain over 8% of the speed. Whether China's economy can smoothly cross the Middle Income Trap and whether it can smoothly switch to the development stage of the middle and high speed depends to a large extent on whether it can stimulate the development potential of small and micro enterprises and the ability of the masses to innovate. "The official assistance policy for small and micro enterprises is also closely related to the strategy of the new government to transform the way of economic development and enhance national innovation capability." Li Huiyong said.


With the promotion of China's economic quality and efficiency, official attention has been given to small and micro enterprises. This year, the premier of the State Council chaired the executive meeting of the State Council on many occasions to study and support small and micro enterprises, especially to solve the problem of high financing costs. Only in July, 4 references were made to the related problems of "reducing the financing cost of enterprises" and ten major measures were introduced.


All-round policy support

In order to further support the development of small and micro enterprises, the meeting was determined that the following new policies should be introduced while continuing to implement the supporting policies of existing small and micro enterprises: first, increase the intensity of decentralization and decentralization. We should speed up the clearance of unnecessary certificates and qualifications, qualify for examination and approval, and reduce barriers and obstacles for small and micro enterprises.


Second, increase tax support. On the basis of temporary exemption from value-added tax and business tax on small and micro businesses, individual businesses and other individuals who do not sell more than 20 thousand yuan in sales for the month, from October 1st to the end of 2015, the monthly sales volume of 2 to 30 thousand yuan is also included in the scope of temporary tax exemption. For small and micro enterprises, they are exempt from customs duties if they engage in state encouraged projects, import advanced equipment and can not produce them domestically.


Third, increase financing support. Take business subsidies, incremental business incentives and other measures to guide the undertaking


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