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Soontomax was established in 1994. Through 25 years of continuous progression, we have gained a wealth of technological experience in the fields of macromolecule adhesive production, coating and lamination, and coating for printability, further improving the glueability and printing performance of our pressure-sensitive adhesive. 


Since Soontomax was established, we have been devoted to the research and development of the Soontomax pressure-sensitive adhesive label series. In the interest of green and environmental-friendly production, we developed water-based pressure sensitive adhesive products that have all-weather adaptability. Now it has been further developed into two main series: paper and film, which altogether total over 100 varieties and produce 150 million m2 annually. Soontomax water-based adhesive is extra-high macromolecule. It possesses good transparency, weatherability, and environmental-friendly features. With the adaption of advanced coating and lamination technology and our pressure sensitive adhesive labels, our materials have been spoken highly of in the industry: Soontomax has the latest industry trend sensibility and the highest quality products. 


Our products are widely used in the markets of household, medicine, office supplies, aviation products, freezing products, electronics, food and beverages, hardware, toys, etc. In the aspects of the market and customer services, Soontomax initiated green labels to signify our environmentally friendly production processes. Film and paper are produced separately to minimize the pollution and promote recycling. Soontomax is committed to providing our customers with the high-quality products and services integrity to create a supreme performance-to-price ratio.


Nowadays, Soontomax has coordinated the process

Nowadays, Soontomax has coordinated the process of purchasing → production of pressure-sensitive adhesive → production of printing coating → self-lamination → silicone coating → coating and lamination → winding and slitting → cutting → marketing & research.

With the “10+1” production model, we not only possess strong core competencies, we also have a great advantage in the quality and prices of our products.

Begin with 1994

Excellent in form and wise in God

25 years of strength

The company has been established for 25 years.

Nationwide sales

The network covers all parts of the country.

Extensive use

Daily chemical industry, home care, medicine and medical treatment

Continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection.

With the arrival of digital printing, Soontomax has developed environmental-friendly water-based print coatings and launched new digital printing products to maintain our competitive advantage and leading position in the industry. Soontomax digital coating products include the “Q series,” “R series,” “e series,” and “RC series,” which are respectively used for UV, laser, thermal transfer print, electronic ink, aqueous ink-jet ink, and other digital printing. Soontomax continues to set the current label market standard with high efficiency, globalization, localization, personalization, unique system barcoding (one product, one code), and fast delivery.


We believe in continuous innovation and improvement. We welcome and appreciate your business. Our commitment to provide the best possible products and prices has never changed.


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